20 things i miss about my twenties

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No Venetian day would be complete without an hour or so of downtime where you just wander without a real destination. Dorsoduro is a good place to indulge the habit. This artsy, studenty district is full of quirky shops such as mask making workshop Ca’ Macana (Dorsoduro, 3172; 00 39 041 277 6142), where Stanley Kubrick went to get the masks for his film Eyes Wide Shut..

That’s right I’ve had cameras plugged into both ends, simultaneously (if you want to visualize it, there are certain porn clips you can go look up). The colonoscopy was particularly fun because, before the procedure, you have to drink a liquid that tastes like lemon flavored ocean and turns your shit into hot water. I have fart PTSD now..

As a COTA I treat people like this. Continuing education was the only way to get this information I was in a class with mostly physical therapists we did mostly similar “yep I feel it” labs. It still hard to treat the shoulder, there so many things that can cause pain there/limited ROM.

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Personalized education should not mean that students are isolated within their own specific academic paths. Instead, it means that other people are critical components of how a particular learner’s educational path is established. We believe that the addition of social dynamics to a study program can train “soft” social skills like leadership and motivation, which are crucial to a student’s future success..

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