That has House Republicans feeling pretty good about themselves. House Minority Leader Eric Cantor told the Senate on Thursday to accept the Boehner bill or the cut, cap and balance bill previously passed in the House or suffer the consequences of default. But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid doesn seem to care about that.

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does canada goose have black friday sales Is it truly an appeal to the Afrikaners, or is it the fulfilment of a placatory duty to his political masters? Only Koornhof will know. Nevertheless, in keeping with his choice, I will respond accordingly, in English.Another part of Koornhof appeal that strikes me as odd is how he phrases it, in that he chooses to soften an appeal for Afrikaners to vote for the ANC, as a plea to community to consider giving at least one of their votes to President Ramaphosa and the programme for a truly better South AfricaThis is in keeping with what seems to be a wave of attempted influence from various sources, including recently from Max du Preez on the same web forum, for Afrikaners to acknowledge and support Ramaphosa as a kind of hope for the country well being. A messiah, if canada goose outlet you will, who needs all the support he can get against the evil forces that oppose him.But, I ask, are a significant portion of the forces that oppose Ramaphosa in his attempts at positive change not coming from within the ANC itself? Are the of populism that Koornhof believes Ramaphosa needs to resist not largely present inside the ANC? I believe they are.Is the irony of this lost on Koornhof? That he appeals to Afrikaners to vote for the ANC so that it can be saved from demons of its own making?Furthermore, allow me to consider for a second, Ramaphosa, the proffered messiah, the apparent last hope for South Africa to be a post colonial success story as opposed to just another failed African state. does canada goose have black friday sales

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