I’ve found it sad that a handful of vocal Obama loyalists have had a good time attacking my interview with Joe Diaz, the Occupy Atlanta activist who “blocked” interrupting the group’s agenda to let John Lewis speak (while supporting his addressing the group during its agenda slot set aside for public speaking.) I don’t agree with Diaz on very much in terms of practical politics, as the interview made clear, but I’m glad I engaged with him, and that he engaged with me. I’m especially glad I didn’t spew invective at him like some Obama supporters argue I should have. At least one expressed horror at European violence in support of OWS, particularly Italy; I don’t support violence steroids, but the sight of Spanish protesters singing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony Saturday night (video below) gave me goosebumps.

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steroids Ever since it made its historic landing on Jan. 3rd, 2019, the Chang mission and its Yutu 2 rover have been busy exploring the lunar surface. Just recently, the mission passed its first year of operations and earned the distinction of being the first rover to travel a record 357.695 meters (1 steroids,173.5 ft) on the far side of the Moon. steroids

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steroid side effects Do think that we are in the most serious existential internal crisis since 1860, wrote Sanford Levinson, an emeritus constitutional scholar at the University of Texas Law School, in a late 2016 article specifically probing whether Trump pledged immigration crackdown could push the country toward civil war. Do believe that, at least psychologically, we are at the brink of civil war inasmuch as critical masses on both right and left basically look at their fellow Americans as enemies who must be stopped at almost any cost. This, to put it mildly steroids, is not ordinary politics.. steroid side effects

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steroid AbstractUsing the liminality N body simulations of Shi et al., we present the first predictions for galaxy clustering in f(R) gravity using subhalo abundance matching. We find that, for a given galaxy density, even for an f(R) model with fR0=106, for which the cold dark matter clustering is very similar to the cold dark matter model with a cosmological constant (CDM) steroids, the predicted clustering of galaxies in the f(R) model is very different from CDM. The deviation can be as large as 40% for samples with mean densities close to that of L galaxies. steroid

steroids Ditto for Pete Rose steroids, Joe Paterno etc!! THe sports Hall was built to recognize talent, not pick and choose character assassinations or blame jocks for trying to get better at their craft. You can’t tell me kids didn’t and won’t emulate their “heroes” for that reason? QUIT judging and let the hallowed halls of any sport promote talent foremost. PS tell the kids some guy is immoral and they flock to him like the rats did to the Pied Piper. steroids

steroid Bottom line: Assuming you’re otherwise healthy, thirst is totally normal and not a sign of a major problem. Don’t let it reach the point where you feel foggy or get a headache; if you do, start sipping right away. Mild dehydration can be treated by drinking more, but if you have symptoms of severe dehydration, like confusion, extreme thirst or no urination steroids steroids, head to the ER, where you can get intravenous fluids.. steroid

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